Red Push Features

Red Push Pistache Tree FeaturesThe Red Push Pistache Tree is the perfect combination of beauty and resilience, creating a desert tree that provides plenty of shade while enhancing your environment.

  • Hybrid Vigor (Atlantica X Integerrima) – Not a Chinensis
  • New Growth Pushes Red
  • Deciduous
  • Strong & Flexible
  • Deep Rooting with Deep Watering
  • Full Sun
  • Drought Tolerant after Established
  • Great Fall Color
  • Hardy to 0 Degrees F (if not prolonged)
  • Verticillium Wilt Resistant
  • Moderate Growth Rate
  • Long Lived
  • Size at maturity; 25′ to 40′ High, 20′ to 30′ Wide
  • Not known to be allergenic
  • Approved by AZ Dept. of Water Resources for Moderate Water use for the Tucson Active management Area
  • Used in several road beautification projects by ADOT